Murder in the City of Saints Wiki

Main Quest Lines[]

Italian Mob Quests[]

Prinzi Clan[]

Salvo Clan[]

Jewish Mob Quests[]

Irish Mob Quests[]

  • A Date on the Waterfront
    • Steal a shipment of cars from the docks
  • Just One Last Job
    • Steal a car from the Salvo Clan
  • Race To The Bottom
    • It's time to get the cars onto the boat

Yakuza Quests[]

LCPD Quests[]

  • Making A Withdrawal (Heist)

FBI Quests[]

Private Eyes Quests[]

Film Lot Quests[]

A Crash Course in Film Production[]

  • Make some inroads with the citizens of Sunset City
  • DSR Films
    • A Simple Business Transaction
      • Our studio head has a boatload of props sitting on the docks
        • Can't get it due to the lockdown
        • The props were routed through the Abadi's
          • Abadi's haven't been paid and now want another payment to get them off the boat
          • The Mob works with the dockworker's union and are willing to go behind the Abadi's back
  • Roger Rose Pictures
    • An Open Secret
      • One of the film producers is getting a little too close to the child actors
        • Either cover it up or deal with the producer
  • Brewster's Pictures
    • Somewhere in the Wind
      • The lead film star has disappeared. Please track her down for us.
      • She's always been a little flighty, follow her trail of drinking and debauchery.
  • Sunrise Filmworks
    • Can't Think of a Name
      • One of the higher ups believes that his scripts are being stolen
        • Find out who's shopping them around and deal with the accordingly
    • The Winner Writes the History Books
      • Studio head has a Japanese bombing survivor who wants to do a documentary
        • The apartment he's in is under FBI surveillance
          • Sneak him out and onto the lot so they can film this
  • Emerald Spirit Films
    • Contract Disputes
      • Production on that big set piece in [part of town it's in] is stalled
      • There are a few problems on set (It's a money laundering scheme)
        • Union is refusing to work
        • Set is extremely rickety
        • Actor is angry that certain aspects aren't period accurate
        • Extra's aren't being paid
        • The Mob keeps showing up on set for some reason?
    • A Night Up in the Hills
      • Hal Hayes isn't on set right now, can you go find him?
      • Mr. Hayes just threw a cra-a-a-a-zy party
        • Needs you to clean up after him
          • Sober up the man of the hour
            • Run him through his lines for that day
            • Get him back to the studio lot somehow
          • Get all the house guests out of his place
            • Try and wake up the dead prostitute in the bathtub
              • Get rid of the dead prostitute in the bathtub
          • Trash any illegal substances before the cops show up

The Next Great American Novel[]

The Federal Reserve Job[]

Winner Take All[]

  • Someone's cheating on a gameshow
    • Figure out how and who

The De-Nazification of Los Costas and the Surrounding Area[]

  • Would you believe there are Nazis currently living in the United States
    • Deal with them
    • Bounty Hunter? // FBI Agent?

A Modern Conspiracy in Sunny Los Costas[]

  • Big Deposits of crude oil specifically in Gageside
    • Buying up the land and building modern neighborhoods
      • Private schools, houses, public parks, etc.
    • Government is going to eminent domain all of it and tear it down
      • Buy it back at an extreme markup
  • Citizen's Group for the Betterment of Los Costas
    • The Mayor
    • The Newspaper Guy
    • The Chief of Police
    • The District Attorney
    • A Real Estate Magnate
    • Tried to get Eugene Yates (Didn't)
    • The Fixer - Victor Crowe
  • The Murders
    • The Black Dahlia
      • Up-and-coming starlet who was hooking on the side
        • Killed because she was in the room
          • Victor Crowe kinda lost his mind on this one, huh?

You're Gonna Be A Star, Kid.[]

  • Help a talent manager deal with their clients.