Murder in the City of Saints Wiki

Downtown Los Costas[]

Riverford Park[]

It's a big park. Use it to eat lunch or protest whatever the government is currently doing.


Places of Interest[]
  • Mister Chow's Catering & Carry-out
    • Triad front

Little Korea[]

Little Tokyo[]

Don't mind the vandalism, I'm sure it'll wash out soon.

Sunset City - Studio Lot Area[]

DSR Film Lot[]

Roger Rose Pictures Studio[]

Brewster's Pictures Building[]

Filmworks Studio[]

Emerald Spirit Film Lot[]

Gageside - Slummy Residential Part of Town[]



Vernon Lake Park[]

Grays' Bluffs[]

Upper Class Commercial Area[]

West Meadows[]

Volpe Heights[]

Elford Hills - Upper Class Residential Area[]

Welcome to the high life.


Santa Isabella Villas[]

  • Rich people mansions

University of [California] Los Costas - Big Fancy E-lite University[]

Verrazzano Beach - Venice Beach Area[]

Verrazzano Beach Pier[]

Verrazzano Canals[]

Verrazzano Beach[]

Verrazzano Beach Boardwalk[]

Places of Interest[]
  • Old Italian Al Fresca restaurant
  • St. Peruggia Harbor
  • Muscle Beach stand in

Las Costas County & Beyond[]