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The Salvo Clan is sending this year's kickup back to the Don in Sicily. This year, it's getting sent by plane mixed in with regular cargo. Why don't you show the Family that the Salvo's can't be trusted with something so important?

Preparation & Setup[]

Loud & Dumb[]

Forgo the usual ticket process and blast your way onto the tarmac in a modified Army jeep and enough armament to make the Air Force second guess taking you on.

  • Heist Setup: Vehicle Pool
  • Heist Setup: .50 Reasons
  • Heist Setup: Chop Shop

Smart & Subtle[]

Forgo the usual ticket process and sneak your way into the main terminal in pilot and flight attendant outfits. Deal with the consequences as they come.

  • Heist Setup: Flight Uniforms
  • Heist Setup: Fake Credentials
  • Heist Setup: Takedown Guns

The Job[]

Loud & Dumb[]

Smart & Subtle[]