Murder in the City of Saints Wiki

Investigator - They Investigate Stuff[]

Hawkshaw - Play Fast and Loose[]

  • Sacrifice some investigative skill for some combat prowess

Sleuth - By the Book, For the Most Part[]

  • Sacrifice some combat prowess for some investigative skill

Scrapper - Jack of All Weapons[]

  • Your commonplace combatant
    • Nice balance between melee and ranged

Trooper - Master of One[]

Medic - More Combat, Less Medicine[]

  • Better at fighting but not as great at fixing people

Sniper - Combat in the Social Distancing Age[]

  • Long distance combat

Intelligence - Knowledge is the Best Weapon[]

  • Scoping out The battlefield

Officer - A Leader to Their Men[]

  • Combat buffs for your team

Heavy Weapons - Watch Your Fire[]

Sapper - Make It Go Boom[]

  • Proficient with explosive weapons

Shield Holder - You Are the Wall[]

  • Access to the combat shield

Machine Gunner - Lay Down Fire[]

  • You carry the big guns

Fixer - Willing to Get Answers[]

Yardbird - The Criminal Element[]

Con Man - Charm Your Way In[]

Operator - Working Behind the Scenes[]

Performer - Of the Bardic Tradition[]

Pugilist - Face Your Problems Fist to Face[]

Back Alley Doctor - Keep Them Alive[]

Gifted - Make the Magic Happen[]