[GOOD FBI GUY] doesn't seem to buy the story that the government is offering on the [THING], and believes that the truth lies in the files sitting in the local [CORRUPT LCPD PRECINCT]. He wants you to minimize bloodshed on this one

Preparation & Setup

Loud & Dumb

Open up the veil on government secrecy by sneaking into the precinct during the day under disguise and plant incendiaries while you're in there. Use the chaos in the office to grab the files you'll be needing.

Acquire some military dress uniforms along with the necessary documents you'll need to make the meeting. You may also want to deal with the officers that'll be showing up so there's no double booking. Either craft your own incendiaries or grab some out of the military armory. Grab some gas masks while you're on base so you don't pass out in the smoke. Also, grab a welder's set so you can actually get to the documents.

  • Heist Setup: Office Layout
  • Heist Setup: Dressing For The Job
  • Heist Setup: Incendiaries
  • Heist Setup: Gas Masks
  • Heist Setup: Welder's Kit

Smart & Subtle

Open up the veil on government secrecy by sneaking into the [CORRUPT PRECINCT] during the off hours.

Acquire the layout and security plans for the Los Costas branch office so that you can effectively sneak through. You'll also want to pick up some silenced weapons in case any night owls are in the building after hours. Grab some construction tools in case the codes you picked up aren't up to date. Maybe get some good sneaking suits just to tie the whole operation together.
  • Heist Setup: Office Layout
  • Heist Setup: Security Codes
  • Heist Setup: Construction Tools
  • Heist Setup: Silenced Weapons
  • Heist Setup: Sneaking Suits

The Job




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